The perfect blend of a domesticated companion and uniquely exotic animal

About Us

Welcome to the beautiful, wild and heartwarming adventures of our Bengal cats here at Wild at Heart Bengals. We are a small, TICA registered in-home cattery in San Diego California.

Our hand raised and fully socialized Bengals embody the best in their breed. Our goal is to achieve healthy cats with a wild look that harkens back to their close ancestors, the Asian Leopard Cat. We focus on large, full rosettes, rounded almond-shaped eyes set on a bias, small rounded ears, puffy whisker pads, and strong, muscular bodies, as well as a smart and curious, yet loving personality.

We are expecting to add our gorgeous Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal queen Lulu coming to us from the reputable and well-known KotyKatz Cattery in Ohio. We are also eagerly awaiting two more queens from the distinguished Lap Leopards Cattery in Georgia, one Brown, and one Silver. We are so honored to begin our own breeding program with these pedigrees that include champion lines.

And we are most excited to welcome our very first stud, Chui, who arrived on the 4th of January from Carolina Wilds Cattery in North Carolina. He is a gorgeous Seal Lynx Point Snow, who has a killer profile and amazing whisker pads. He hails from two very distinguished and accomplished lines, as well. We can't wait to see the beauties that he will give us with our wonderful queens.

Here at Wild at Heart Bengals, we treat our cats as family members, and socialize them with other cats, dogs, children, and normal household comings and goings on a daily basis. We do not believe in cages EVER, and always have the best interest of our animals at heart. We work with our cats to ensure that they are not only well adjusted, but are trained in those desired cat habits such as litter box use, scratching posts, etc.

Our cats undergo a complete health screening, including HCM, DNA, viral, bacterial, PRA, and PK-def testing.

With true wild blood, these mini leopards are the perfect blend of a domesticated companion and a uniquely exotic animal.

We would love for you to join us on our fun (and, let's face it, crazy) journey from the beginning. You can find us on Instagram @wildatheartbengals . We look forward to sharing all of the beautiful, wild, and heartwarming Bengal adventures to come!