Kotykatz Lulu of Wild at Heart Cats "Lulu"

Our beautiful Lulu, which means "pearl" in Swahili, lives up to her name. This Silver Seal Lynx Point Snow has a glistening white background and large donut rosettes. Her coloring is as lovely as her sweet and cuddly personality. She is a sweet mama, who has produced gorgeous snow and charcoal snow kittens. They are show-stoppers, just like their mom.

Ozark Bengals Duma of Wild at Heart Cats "Duma"

Duma, which means "cheetah" in Swahili, has proven to be a phenomenal mama! Not only does she drip in glitter and have stunning green eyes, her temperament is just as beautiful. This girl takes such good care of her babies, who are always hearty, curious and EXTREMELY LOVING. We are so proud of this star queen. Any home who gets a kitten of hers is truly blessed.

Lap Leopards Nairobi of Wild at Heart Cats "Robi"

Nairobi, or "Robi" as we like to call her, is one of the smartest cats we have ever come across. Her intelligence also translates into SUPER FUN play! She plays fetch with her twizzle stick, which is a marvel to behold and will keep us busy for hours (no joke!) She is such an attentive and dedicated mama. The sunlight sets off her glitter coat in an iridescent glow, but it also shines without the light--she really is our GLITTER GIRL! This mama has produced stunning kittens with near perfect patterns!