Capstone Chui of Wild at Heart Cats "Chui"

Our adorable, and rapidly growing stud Chui is a Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal. He is exceptionally brave and yet incredibly loving. In our opinion, the perfect mix! His rosetted pelt is as soft as it is beautiful. With gorgeous piercing blue eyes, and enormous spotted paws, he has us completely charmed. We can't wait to see how his career goes as a show cat.

In these different times with lockdowns and shows being canceled, we don't know when we will get the chance. But, when the time comes, he will be ready.

Tailwinds Kuruku of Wild at Heart Cats "Ruki"

Ruki is a gorgeous Brown Charcoal. He has beautiful contrast, large black rosettes, and the most unique aqua blue/green eyes. His sweet and loving temperament is so endearing. He was the largest of his litter, and is turning out to be a gentle giant. He will produce Charcoal, Brown, and Snow kittens.