Capstone Chui of Wild at Heart Cats "Chui"

Our incredibly handsome stud Chui, which means "leopard" in Swahilli, is a Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal. He is exceptionally brave and yet incredibly loving. In our opinion, the perfect mix! His rosetted pelt is as soft as it is beautiful. With gorgeous piercing blue eyes, and enormous spotted paws, he has us completely charmed. We have seen him produce beautiful snows and charcoal snows who share his size and confirmation.

This loving boy is our program's first breeder and will always have a special place in our hearts. He is who convinced us that having lots of Begals would be a great idea!

Tailwinds Kuruku of Wild at Heart Cats "Ruki"

Ruki, short for Kuruku, means "flyer" in Swahili. He is a gorgeous Brown Charcoal. His beautiful contrast, large black rosettes, and the most unique aqua blue/green eyes are an elegant combination. His sweet and loving temperament is so endearing. He was the largest of his litter, and is turning out to be a gentle giant. He has produced Charcoal and Brown kittens, and will also produce snows and charcoal snows. When it comes to temperament and personality, it doesn't get better than Ruki. This boy has already secured a spot in our home after retirement--we can't get enough of him!

Carolina Bengals Tembo of Wild at Heart Cats "Tembo"

Tembo, which means elephant in Swahili, definitely fits his name! He is a big boy with looks and personality to match. This guy is such a people person and loves to talk! He is an insatiable eater which benefits his muscular composition. His white muzzle and perfect head type are formidable. He is such a tough-looking guy, only softened by his incredible glitter glow. His 3-D rosettes are a site to behold. This stud is on another level. He has produced unbelievable kittens with near perfect patterns. We are so proud of this unique and rare stud.